How To Become A Flight Attendant in 2 weeks:
Proven System To Get First 270$ Flight
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You will learn:
6 Basic requirements for cabin attendants in business aviation
Check if you fit the opportunity of a corporate cabin attendant position
3 job restrictions for cabin attendants in business aviation
If you know restrictions, it is easier to become the best in the field
Common career perspectives in business aviation
Have a full vision of your possible career in business aviation
7 Essential parts you need to commence your first flight in business aviation
Preparation for the flight, menu planning, catering order, stages of flight, in flight service, food safety, crew communication
Earliest time to start
How fast can you start your brilliant career as a business aviation cabin attendant and get first payment?
Cabin attendant salaries in business aviation in different regions
Try out new upgraded lifestyle! As you dream every night...
Anna Aksentieva

I am in love with my job and my clients <3

I help women reach financial freedom thru great job opportunity - cabin attendant in business aviation.
Freedom to choose their country, lifestyle, house to live, man to love, car to drive. Girls can choose, not have to. Feel a difference?

So, I teach girls all necessary knowledge and skills in my classes since 2014. Nowadays it is so easy to reach talented hungry women thru internet, so I created a step-by-step class that will help you to get your fist paid freelance flight as a business aviation cabin attendant from 0.

Come check this opportunity out!
It will be fun :)

Anna Aksentieva
Years of working as a cabin attendant,
Golden 100 flight attendants in the world
Years of authentic unique courses
for cabin attendants
Teacher in 3rd generation
Webinar Overview
Title: How To Become A Flight Attendant In 2 Weeks
(proven system to get first 270$ flight)
Date: November, 3
Time: 7 pm (GMT +3)
Duration: 2 hours

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